Improving the Security of Your Residence

A general definition explains security as resilience against or to have certain freedom from a particular external opposing force. We can also say that security is from any alarming forces. In addition, the term security can be used in other cases to put matters into certain perspectives: for example, not lacking anything( financial security), availability of goods that are essential (food security), purposes of containment (secure room), resilience from potential harm or damage (like secure foundation), good state of mind(emotional security) and secrecy (like a secure telephone network). Security may be used as a word that refers to systems or acts that have the obligation to provide any kind of security, for example, security forces, security cameras, cyber security system and so on.

Referent or beneficiaries of security are the ones that are prone to undesired changes from its surrounding and they include people and social groups, ecosystems, institutions, objects and any other thing that has any kind of value. However, perception of security differ because one can’t truly know precisely how secure something really is. Even though cybercrime is real people still take their money to the bank for safe keeping. The money may be considered safe but it is not that safe especially when the bank has a weak security system that is probably outdated. Even a poultry farmer may provide all the needs to the poultry from scratch such as vitamins and vaccines and food and water but something like a bird virus may come from anywhere and take out their livestock. Even if it rarely happens once it does it will take a great toll on the farmer, therefore, they are not truly secure.

It is advisable to note that having a security system in place does not entirely mean that it is secure. Take for example an antivirus for a computer, if you think that having more than one antivirus in your computer is better, think again. Two antiviruses in one computer is not recommended because they will not work the way they were meant to, it will be like trying to force two drivers to drive one vehicle at the same time which is highly impossible. There are measures that can be taken to change the perception of security without touching the security system itself. Take for example a home owner who has put signs outside showing that there are presence of security cameras everywhere, they will be able to repel intruders most of the time. Even if the cameras are not in good working condition the tactic is still superior.

The right measures for security should be followed the best way possible for it is very vital aspect in our lives every day.

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