Everything You Need to Know and More About Crystal Oscillators

Before you get to use crystal oscillators, you have to first know what their functions are. One of the things that you need to know about them is that they are one type of electronic circuit that is capable of producing electrical oscillations as determined by specific frequencies. The physical characteristics that are present in the crystals such as quartz are what help determine that frequency for this particular electronic circuit that will be placed in the circuit feedback loop.

There are a number of functions that these so-called crystal oscillators bring. For both communication and electronic systems, you can use these circuits. Basically, any systems where their function depends greatly on the accuracy of coordination and time measurement will be making the most of this particular type of circuit. You can expect more stable time frequency generators all because of these circuits. Such generators will then be utilized in pilot and carrier signals that will be great for use among navigation and electronic communication systems. The clock signals that will be used in any data processing equipment can also benefit from these crystal oscillators. They can also provide references signals that are used for specialized systems. Usually, the output frequency stability and accuracy are both determined by what applications these crystal oscillators will have. When it comes to clocks with simple microprocessors, the frequency starts off at 1000 PPM. For systems that require frequency control that is very much precise, about less than 5 PPM frequency is required.

A feedback network and an amplifier are the two things that you can expect from crystal oscillators. The role of the feedback network is to be choosing parts of the output produced by the amplifier that must be returned back to the amplifier input. The circuit in oscillators is usually dependent on two key factors. Firstly, the gain loop must be equal to the unity or be greater than what the oscillator loop will be losing. The phase shift of the loop being equal to 360 or 0 degrees is the second factor. Simply put, these angle shifts in loop phase is telling of the frequency by which these crystal oscillators must work. Causing some change in the angle of the net loop phase will always result to have even a slight change on the output frequency that the oscillator circuit gives off. If you want to make sure that your net phase shifts are minimized, you must make sure that in your feedback loop, you will have a quartz crystal inside.

With crystals having stable temperature and high frequency stability characteristics and processing ability, there is no doubt that using crystal oscillators is very much beneficial. In addition, crystal oscillators are able to achieve a high degree of frequency stability as well as accuracy that you seldom see in other electronic circuits.

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