Guide to Mild and Severe Acne Treatment

The problem of acne is a very common problem. Almost a huge percentage of the people that you meet each day, and perhaps the people all over the world have had some form of acne problems at a certain point in their lives. Although some only suffer mild acne, there are cases when acne become severe.

Acne medicine is all over the place. If you go to any drugstore you would find many different types of medication for acne treatment. People love to do self medication because they don’t want to go to a doctor who can help them, and so they go to a drug store and check out different acne treatment and get the one that they think will help. If you do this you don’t have any guarantee that it will work for you. It is dangerous to do self medication especially if you do not know the ingredients of the medicine you are taking, and instead of making you better and curing your condition, it can even make your condition worse.

Medicines are not necessary to take for people having mild acne problems only. Mild acne problems can be dealt with by caring for your facial skin and eating the right kinds of food; this alone would be a good treatment for mild acne problems. You also need to increase your intake of water, fruits, and vegetables. Fried foods and fast foods should be avoided since this not does contribute to healthy life. You acne will be prevented from getting worse if you do this good practices, and you body will be able to heal its own.

If the acne is severe, then there is another way of treating it. Proper medical treatment is required for pimples that are infected and contain pus. Most medicines prescribed by doctors for external application work well. In some extreme cases, however, therapeutic injections or surgery may also be needed.

Acne treatment are conventionally treated with medications like minocycline, tetracycline, and doxycycine. These medications taken with other antibiotics fight microorganisms that worsen the acne problem. These medications are only prescribed for severe acne conditions.

Whatever treatment you want to go for, it is up to you to decide. It is important that you always keep your skin clean and this is the basic solution together with whatever treatment you choose. Take means to prevent yourself from getting infection. Consulting a dermatologist is you next best step if your problem of acne is becoming worse. Let the specialist prescribe the medicine for you according to the severity of your problem.

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